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Interview : Rencontre avec Marion Degel, consultante en Space Clearing et Clutter Clearing

Chers lecteurs,

Ressentez-vous parfois le besoin d'y voir plus clair chez vous (et dans votre vie ) en revitalisant votre intérieur et en éliminant le désordre ? 

Aujourd'hui, je vous invite à rencontrer Marion Degel, consultante allemande en Space Clearing et Clutter Clearing, qui va nous parler de son métier. 
Bonne découverte !

PS : Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez consulter la version française du site de Marion qui reprend les thèmes abordés.

Hello Marion, can you tell us a few words about you ?

Thank you, I am happy to answer your questions.
I am an enthusiastic Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing consultant. Based in Germany, I offer consultations, talks and workshops in all European countries.

How have you started to be interested in those topics ?

Business trips abroad led me to Hong Kong in 1998, where I became interested in Feng Shui. I then discovered Karen Kingston, bestselling author and world-renowned authority in Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing. 
Space Clearing bells - Copyright Karen Kingston

After having read her books “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui” and “Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui”, I knew that there was much more to see and to know about energies invisible to the physical eyes.

Becoming interested in refining my perception I started studying with the Clairvision School of Meditation in 2003, where I met a few Space Clearing practitioners in person. I was honestly touched by the depth and integrity that these Space Clearers carried. All had been trained by Karen Kingston.

In 2007 I decided to begin my training with Karen in Bali and the USA. A year later I gained my practitioner certificate. 

You are a Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing consultant. What is it about exactly ?

Clutter Clearing consultations empower my clients to let go of clutter. Ideally this not only concerns material clutter they surround themselves with but also clutter on deeper levels: Emotional clutter, mental clutter, physical clutter or time clutter. Clutter Clearing aims at going to the source, getting in contact with the part of us that holds on to what we don’t love, need or use.

In a Space Clearing consultation we focus on individual topics. Clients might want to overcome blockages, break through patterns or stuck situations they feel trapped in. Also new life paths, important changes and transitions can be supported. 

In a consultation, a space of vision opens from where my clients see their situation with clarity, come to realizations and let new ideas unfold. 

The clearing releases unsuitable energies in and around them which allows new energetic structures to land and support.

Never forget, Clutter Clearing and Space Clearing are very powerful and bring change. Unless people really aim for this and actively want to engage I have no mandate and would not recommend a consultation!

How do you work with your clients ?

A consultation is intense. It takes at least 4 hours, sometimes more than a day, depending on the size of the building, whether it is a home or a business.

First I would sense the energy of the building by walking through each room together with my clients. This aims at picking up information from the space and put it into context, especially in regards to the situation and focus of the consultation. 

In several steps a beautiful clearing ritual is performed to support them in their environment. I use flowers, water and two very special Space Clearing bells.

Which advices would you give to someone who wishes to feel happy at home ?

I suppose happiness has a different meaning for all of us… I am happy in a home which supports me energetically. I am happy in a home which radiates warmth and joy, a home which allows clarity, vision and creativity to unfold.

In my house, clutter doesn’t have a long life as I am in a permanent process of clearing it! Also I choose carefully before allowing anything new to enter. “It is ok!” is not good enough, I want to be inspired and really enjoy what I own. 

Whenever I feel changes which I want to manifest I perform a Space Clearing. For example I might have had realizations in a course or feel inner structures being rearranged in deep meditations. In order to support me further, the energy in my home is then restructured and taken to new levels. From there I can keep moving forward!

And now, the Space Clearing test ! 
S like....Stillness 
P like... Peace 
A like...Awareness
C like...Clarity 
E like...Ease 

C like...Connection
L like...Light
E like...Ego
A like...Awakening
R like...Realisations
I like...Integrity
N like...Now
G like...Grace

Would you like to add something ?
I really love the work I do!


Le site de Marion Degel :

Chère Marion,

Merci infiniment pour votre témoignage ! J'espère que nous aurons l'occasion de nous rencontrer un jour pour parler de ces sujets ensemble :)

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Marie Kléber a dit…

Tres interessant. Avoir un espace de vie harmonieux et defait de tout ce qui encombre notre esprit est primordial pour vivre une vie saine et apaisee.

Thanks to both for this introduction.

Linette a dit…

Tous les jours, je me dis qu'il faut que je fasse de l'ordre dans la maison...
Très intéressant, cet interview.
Merci Una idea.

una idea a dit…

Merci Marie et Linette !

Grosses bises à toutes les deux ;)

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